2022 Primary Election

Election Date: 8/23/2022

(Website last updated at: 08/27/2022 4:22:08 pm)
Registered Voters:
Ballots Counted:
Voter Turnout:
Precincts Reporting:
18 / 18
Election Day:
Completely Reported
Early Votes:
Completely Reported
Vote By Mail:
Completely Reported

Official Results


During the recount for the Democratic Representative in Congress District 4 race, the tabulation equipment out-stacked a ballot that was not marked correctly and appeared, to the machine, to be undervoted.  The Canvassing Board was able to determine that the voter intended to vote for LaShonda "L.J." Holloway.  This change resulted in the final results for that race being:

Anthony "Tony" Hill                    2,175

LaShonda "L.J." Holloway         2,543

Over Votes                                          0

Under Votes                                   319

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